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Saint Albans Studio of Dance NEWSLETTER
Welcome to St. Albans Studio of Dance, my name is Miss Jamie and I’m the owner and one of the instructors that will be working with your children or yourself. This is such an exciting time and we look forward to making memories and learning together while teaching with the technique and terminology we have been given by our instructor Miss Linda Riggan. Although we have studied new genres, taken classes, and studied the most recent trends in dance and stay updated yearly, our inspiration and core dance curriculum comes from her and her former instructors.  

We have a wonderful year planned for you. We celebrate our dancers and look to make this the best year ever. We pride ourselves in being a supportive dance family while teaching them confidence, improving their self esteem, guiding them into the light that they will shine forever. We love each dancer and their families and will work our hardest to make sure this is the home you hopefully stay in. Dance is so much more than just the steps we teach. It is a combination of love, support, confidence, structure, fun, and all coming the unique, positive experiences that make them who they are in their dance journey. From the little ones just starting to get their bearings to the trained performers they turn into, it’s all a part of the journey that is SASD. They learn so much in so many ways. It’s a blessing to watch and love each one of them. They are our stars.  

We have schedules available for you to help you through the year. We also ask that if you are on facebook please send a friend request to Jamie Walker (Trent) so I can add you to the informational dance groups we send a lot of information in. If not make sure to always check the desk as they will have handouts or check the website We ask that you read, initial and sign the terms and regulations and a copy is posted on the website for you to refer back to if needed.  

We have two recitals for the 2023-24 year one for Christmas, and one for spring. Those dates will be finalized in the next week. I have requested December 16 and June 8 but I’ll let you know what we get as soon as they confirm.  

Costume payments are on the calendar but if you need to assistance with any of those please send me a message or leave me a message at the desk and we can work out a schedule that is best for you. We are here to help you. This is a business but we do try to make everything possible for those who would like to work with us on making it all possible for you. Many hours go into this business many do not see. From choosing costumes (hours) ordering the costumes, music, choreography, so much before they ever hit the classroom. We want you all to be a part of all we have to offer.  

We offer multi child and multi class discounts as well to give extra incentive to take all you are interested in taking.  

We look forward to having you join us. If you have any questions the desk is available during business hours and you can always call or message us and we will get back to you asap. I 

It’s going to be a fabulous year!!!!  

Miss Jamie  
304-729-4002 (texts)